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Our Process for Developing Urban Churches


The MetroGrace Gathering

Each winter MetroGrace hosts a weekend retreat to discover, develop and encourage urban workers. Participants enjoy exploring the city, interacting with urban leaders and worshiping together.

Short-term Missionaries

MetroGrace helps individuals, families and groups discover urban ministry through service in the city. Ministry Teams live in Philadelphia, learn some basic principles and gain hands-on experience. Programs are available for a weekend or a week.

Summer Interns

MetroGrace provides eight week summer internships for adults. Those with a burden for urban ministry are urged to live and serve in the city for a summer to gain clear direction for their future. Students can receive college or seminary credit for their internship.

Semester Interns

MetroGrace provides semester internships for those college and graduate study students who are at least 18 years old. This is designed for students who have cross-cultural or urban internship requirements in their field of study. Students can receive college or seminary credit for their internship.

Urban Ministry Interns

MetroGrace provides a one year internship program for those exploring a future in urban ministry. Interns discover personalized support to live and serve in the city. Students can receive college or seminary credit for their internship.

Church Planting Interns

MetroGrace provides a two-year training program for those leading church planting teams. Interns discover personalized support as they serve in an urban church. They learn about urban church planting, work with a Neighborhood Research Expedition, formulate a plan for establishing a new urban church, find resources for their ministry and gather a church planting team.

Neighborhood Research Expeditions

MetroGrace sponsors neighborhood research expeditions for two months during the summer. Participants discover personal support for their short-term mission, living and working in the city. Tea m members learn church planting principles, neighborhood mapping, ethnography and demography as they explore an urban community. They conclude their ministry by assembling and presenting a Church Planting Proposal for the establishment of a new church in their community of study.

Neighborhood Advocates

MetroGrace enlists teams of Neighborhood Advocates who use the Church Planting Proposal to share the need for an urban church in the target neighborhood. They work and pray throughout the year to gather a church planting team for the new community. Lord willing, the new church planting team will begin work in their community the next summer.

Church Planting Teams

MetroGrace gathers and sends church planting teams to develop new, gospel-centered, community-based churches in neighborhoods throughout the city.