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  • Christmas 2017 Events

    January 12, 2018

    MetroGrace ministries serve children, teens and adults in neighborhoods throughout the city. Last month, the Thrive Christmas Party enabled teens from our communities to have some fun. Please pray for continued growth in this important group for urban youth.

     Thrive party


    Four MetroGrace churches held seven different worship services on Christmas Eve. Pete and Danielle Forshtay and their teams led worship in Bridesburg and Wissinoming that morning. They returned to those neighborhoods in the evening to sing Carols by Candlelight. Kingdom Kids shared in worship at Holmesburg that morning; and, neighbors gathered by candlelight that night. Crossroads Rhawnhurst held its very first Candles & Carols service on Christmas Eve. Mike and Margarete Connor and their team welcomed several first-time guests!