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Thank you for praying for MetroGrace!
Updated November 3, 2017 


Pray for development of the church planting team in Bridesburg.
Pray for Pastor Pete Forstay as he preaches here on Sunday evenings.
Ask the Lord to call together those who live in the neighborhood, others who will move into the neighborhood and a church planting pastor who can lead the group.


Pray for Pastor Jim Brown as he continues to lead this congregation as well as the combined Crossroads Community Church initiative.
Pray for a “tent-making” shepherd who can serve alongside Pastor Jim Brown to provide pastoral care for this neighborhood congregation.  


Pray for Pastor Jim Brown as he preaches at this location on Sunday evenings.
Ask the Lord to provide team members from the neighborhood and others who will move into the neighborhood to help grow the church.
Pray particularly for some with musical gifts who can help lead worship.
Pray for Mike Connor as he continues his psstoral leadership training with an eye toward leading this congregation.


Pray for Pastor Pete and Danielle Forshtay as they lead this growing congregation. Pray for new and developing leaders to serve in Wissinoming.


Give thanks to the Lord for the opportunity to develop four gospel-centered, community-based congregations reaching urban neighborhoods in Philadelphia for Christ!

Grace Conference on Mission

Please pray for Anthony and Katie Elliott as they prepare to represent MetroGrace at Grace College and Seminary this fall. Ask the Lord to raise a generation of young adults with a love for the city and a call to develop urban churches.